Our Philosophy

We share our experience, knowledge and networks to support founders in builiding enduring technology companies aimet at disrupting the traditional ways their markets operate.

The investment Stage


Deal Screening

After we reviewed the documents, we will stet up an initial call with the founders to get to know them better and develop a more profound understanding of their company and their vision.


First call / Meeting

Initially we screen the documents that you sent to us (e.g. pitch deck, two-pager or business plan) to evaluate whether your company fits our overall investment strategy.


Investment Committee Meeting

Our team will then have an internal discussion about the potential of your start-up and how our team can contribute to the success of your venture. We then appoint a "deal captain" and the due diligence team who will work closely with you during the rest of the process.


Second Call / Meeting

In case we are convinced that your company is a great fit, the deal captain will set up an additional call/meeting to have a more in-depth round of evaluation. During this stage, we invite our industry expert to help validate the potential of your startup.


Investment Proposal

At this stage, we mutually agree a term sheet which will formulate the main terms and conditions of our partnership.


Due Diligence

The investment proposal is followed by an extensive evaluation of your company, undertaken by our investment team. Legal due diligence and background checks we outsource to a specialised firm.


Shareholder & Business Partner Agreement

Upon final approval of the investment, we finalise the terms for investment milestones that are reflected in the investment agreement and sign a Shareholder's agreement.

Apex Company Building Catalyst

APEX aims to become the leading holistic catalyst for Europe’s innovators
that aspire to become best in class ventures globally.

The Company Building stage


  • Access to Corporates, VCs and other subject matter experts to help validate product/market fit
  • Access to international markets to validate geography for service/product
  • Early relationship building with potential future follow-on investors


  • Legal advice during set-up phase of the company (e.g. meeting regulatory requirements)
  • Help formalise your vision into a viable and well structured business strategy
  • Access to client base with business development support
  • Access to subejct matter exerts and mentors in your field of business
  • Assisiting in setting up the right performance metrics to help you quantifyy progress
  • Guidance to develop product roadmap and go-to-market approach


  • Preparation of the management to meet the day to day challenges of running a growing company
  • Access to our network of legal, tax, patent advisors and other support functions so you can focus on building the best product/services
  • Provide access to a talent pool and assist with new hires & HR regulations
  • Provide outside perspective to challenge your assumptions and help refine the approach
  • Guidance and support to unlock grant opportunities

Rather than an Investor only, we see ourselves as long term business partners to our portfolio ventures. To increase the success of our portfolio companies we create an individual development roadmap for each company to capitalize on strengths. To keep track of the roadmap we’ve created a monitoring system for nine core areas and a corresponding development process.

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Our Commitments

Share the risk

We work side-by-side with entrepreneurs in ups and downs. In times of hardship, we roll up our sleeves, get to the bottom and tackle tough problems together to achieve better outcome. We face challenges with confidence in our expertise and abilities.

Be accountable

We take as much responsibility for the company’s success as the entrepreneur. We do not micro-manage founders nor tell them what to do, rather provide them with resources and expertise to build successful ventures.

Develop Exceptional partnerships

We know that a cohesive team with complementary skills is core to any business. Building and fostering a relationship with the right business partner, whose interests and values are aligned to our stakeholders, can make lasting impact.

Act with integrity

We honour respect and humility. We communicate openly with founders and investors, while acknowledging personal confidentiality.

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