Radiology Image Search powered by Deep Learning

contextflow | MedTech | Vienna, Austria


Facing increasing workloads, radiologists must choose between longer working hours or decreased time spent evaluating images. About 20% of cases require additional research from many sources, requiring up to 20 minutes each with a questionable rate of success.

contextflow’s image search engine uses deep learning to put the knowledge encoded in thousands of medical images and reports at radiologists’ fingertips, increasing speed of diagnosis and convenience. Simply mark a region of interest in an image, and our search engine instantly returns reference cases and associated knowledge. In addition, our software can be configured to allow for prioritization of cases where patterns of interest are detected. All that within seconds.


Markus Holzer, Georg Langs, Allan Hanbury, Rene Donner


MedTech, Radiology, PACS, AI and Software Development