Rather than being an Investor only, we see ourselves as long term business partners to our portfolio companies.

We define the growth of an early-stage company in three stages. During each stage the team receives necessary support from APEX to ensure ongoing development and growth of the company.

  1. Access to Corporates, VCs and other subject matter experts to help validate product/market fit
  2. Access to partners in international markets to validate geography for a service/product
  3. Early relationship building with potential future follow-on investors
  1. Legal advice during set-up phase of the company (e.g. meeting regulatory requirements)
  2. Help formalise your vision into a viable and well structured business strategy
  3. Access to client base with business development support
  4. Access to subject matter experts and mentors in your field of business
  5. Assisting in setting up the right performance metrics to help you quantify progress
  6. Guidance to develop product roadmap and go-to-market approach
  1. Preparation of the management to meet the day to day challenges of running a growing company
  2. Access to our network of legal, tax, patent advisors and other support functions so you can focus on building the best product/services
  3. Provide access to a talent pool and assist with new hires & HR regulations
  4. Provide outside perspective to challenge your assumptions and help refine the approach
  5. Guidance and support to unlock grant opportunities


We focus on early stage companies driven by Deep Tech and defendable Intellectual Property

We refer Deep Tech to companies that are centered around a meaningful scientific discovery or unique engineering innovation with valuable and defendable intellectual property at its core. Rather than focusing on certain industries only we look for enabling technologies that can be implemented in various verticals.


We invest in businesses at different levels of growth, however our primary focus is at seed and early stages. Typically, our initial investment ticket size is around EUR 500k per company at its early stage of growth.


We believe that great ideas are not restricted by borders and have previously invested in opportunities in Europe and the U.S. Our main focus covers the DACH region, CEE and occasionally Nordics, Israel and UK. We also invest in U.S. companies that require European company development support.