Overcoming challenges in life sciences research in space

Atmos | New Space | Rheinmünster, Germany


Atmos Space Cargo  is developing a return service for payload from low earth orbit (LEO) back to Earth with an initial application of life science payloads that typically require short to medium duration in space. Atmos is in the process of developing the so-called “Phoenix Return Capsule” to make this service happen.

The return capsule aims to have a disrupting 1:1 payload ratio which is possible due to Atmos’ proprietary Inflatable Atmospheric Decelerator Technology (IAD). This IAD will be attached to the capsule containing the probes with all of the necessary control systems. KST has already successfully conducted a feasibility study with the support of the ESA, BIC Baden-Württhemberg, Airbus Defence & Space, the Institute of Space Systems (IRS) Stuttgart and the German Institute for Textile and Tiber research (DITF).


Sebastian Klaus, Marta Oliveira, Jefferey Hendrikse


Speedball Ventures, Hightech Gründerfonds (HTGF), Seraphim, E2MC Ventures,, VENTIS Capital


New Space, Space Return, IAD Technology